Ahri (League of Legends) Glowing Orb Tutorial


Making the orb for Ahri was probably one of my favourite props to make. It was so simple to put together, cheap and the end result just looks so pretty!


Ahri's Orb - Completion Steps & Finished Product

Ahri (the nine tailed fox character from the popular MOBA League of Legends) uses the orb as one of her abilities in battle. In the game each champion (playable character) uses a set of abilities against their opponents, the main of these being Q, W, E and R. The Q ability on Ahri is called Orb of Deception and is probably one of her better known abilities.

Photography by Donald Manning featuring Pixie Cakeface as Ahri & Little Jem Cosplay as Ice Drake Shyvana

When making Ahri's Orb I wanted an end result which had the characteristic glow of Ahri's in game orb. The easiest way of doing this was what I found below:


1. Firstly you'll need to find yourself a large, clear plastic Christmas bauble. You can find them here on eBay for a relatively reasonable price.


2. Once you've got your 'orb' or bauble you'll need to get hold of some paint. You can paint this whatever colour you want your orb to be, but obviously for Ahri we need it to be blue. 


I personally used a mixture of blue and silver to create an artificial shimmer effect (as it's all I had at the time) but I would recommend blue shimmer paint for best results. Paint this in circular motions around the inside of each half of your bauble then set it aside to dry.

3. After your paint has dried you'll need to get your hands on some LEDs. Now, I don't claim to be any sort of expert on wiring up LEDs and although you can purchase all the components separately and wire them up yourself I found it easier to just buy some ready made, battery powered LEDs. If you live in the UK you can actually usually find these in the pound shop. 


After you've got hold of the LEDs you'll also need to get hold of some organza material in the same colour as your orb. This will need to be wrapped around the LEDs to help diffuse the light inside the orb.


4. Pop the LEDs and organza inside your orb once it's dry, fasten it back up, turn off the lights and admire your beautiful, glowy Ahri orb.