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The complete collection of gaming related Pixie Cakeface cosplay prints. Prints include cosplays from numerous games including a large selection of characters from the MOBA League of Legends, Pokemon characters, classic game characters like Spyro the Dragon, horror game enemies such a Silent Hill's Bobble Head nurse and Resident Evil's licker, Felicia from Darkstalkers & more. Gaming is one of Pixies largest cosplay influences alongside anime. Starting from around 5 or 6 years old, Pixie Cakeface has always been heavily involved in the gaming world, progressing through old school consoles & gaming systems to modern consoles and PC gaming. All Pixie Cakeface gaming cosplay prints depict a number of Pixie's ultimate favourite games and characters from within these. More gaming related information can be found on Pixie's twitch channel where she broadcasts a number of games including classics such as Super Mario World and Spyro as well as modern horrors and occasionally MOBAs. Viewer games & giveaways held regularly.