Misty (Pokemon) Full Cosplay Tutorial - Mermaid Outfit


My Misty Mermaid cosplay was such a fun and easy cosplay to make. The cosplay was inspired by Season 1, episode 61 ("The Misty Mermaid") of  the Pokemon anime.

Misty mermaid tail fin in full view. Created & modeled by Pixie Cakeface.  Photography by Adam Duckett.

Shell Bra


Probably the easiest part of the cosplay to make. In order to get the look for this I just ordered a cheap shell bra from eBay which I spray painted. Unfortunately (as you can see in the picture) this does not accommodate for larger cheasted girlies so if I do decide to remark this cosplay I'll most likely use a strapless bra base and then worbla over the top.

Photography by Adam Duckett featuring Pixie Cakeface as Misty.



Making a mermaid tail is a relatively easy process, depending on the functionality you want to achieve with it. I will post another tutorial on more detailed tail making soon but as Misty's tail was constructed very basically I wanted to run over this first.

What you'll need: 


Pattern paper & marker, scissors, fabric scissors, pins, blue lycra & matching thread, yellow lycra & matching thread


(Optional) Elastic, EVA foam, sewing machine.


1. You'll need a large piece of paper in order to make a pattern. You can tape together several newspaper sheets or paper pieces if you wish but I actually prefer to use wallpaper lining paper to make my patterns.


Lay on the pattern paper with your legs  together & outstretched. What you'll need to do next is trace around your figure. It's easier if you can get someone else to do this but it is possible to do your own.  Start the trace from roughly your belly button area & leave an inch or so around your body when tracing. This will provide the seam allowance which we'll sew over later.  When you reach your ankles, draw out the shape which you want your tail fin to be.


2. Cut out your pattern piece and pin it to your lycra. cut around this to make a lycra mermaid tail shape. Repeat so that you end up with 2 lycra tail pieces.


3. Place the pieces together (back side to back side), pin them and then sew around the seams. Hem the top of the tail to make it neater. Finally turn the fabric inside out and you'll have your tail.


(Optional): You can take a little bit of elastic and measure it around your waist (make it slightly smaller so it hugs your body, but not too tight to create bulges). Sew this onto the inside of your tail at the top then hem as normal.


4.  Cut out a star shape from your yellow lycra. Pin to your tail on one side and carefully sew around the star close to it’s edges (be careful not to sew your tail shut accidentally!)


(Optional): Cut out some foam which is the same shape as your tail end. Insert into the end of your tail to hold it’s shape & hide your feet when wearing.


5. Accessories: All sourced from Ebay.