Cosplay Video guides & Tutorials by Pixie Cakeface

Create your own cosplay masterpieces or learn how Pixie made hers. Knowledge was made to be shared.

Wig Care 101 by Pixie Cakeface


If you've got a beaten up, tired old wig which you're just not ready to part with yet then try this wig care 101 method. It can restore a knotty, strggly old wig to it's former glorly.

Vileplume Head Dress Part 1


Calling all Poke fans! Here's a really quick and simple tutorial on how you can create your own Vileplume summer hat head dress.

Anime/Doll Eyes Makeup Tutorial


Want to look kawaii? Here's how to achieve anime/doll eyes using makeup. Watch to learn the techniques yourself!




General Cosplay & Prop Tutorials

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